Cafe_Wroclaw_Herbaciarnia Targowa

In such Sunday morning, I just came back from ZhuDong Central Market, which combines wet market (selling raw meats and uncooked vegetables) with dry one (I learned these words from CNN news about coronavirus arising from one of Wuhan wet market); suddenly I thought of that September in 2018 when we were in Central Europe. I really miss the traveling old days, especially now we cannot just buy a ticket and fly to anywhere after the pandemic spreads worldwide.

By the way, Taiwan is such a fruits kingdom; colorful but healthy fruits are everywhere in not only summer but also winter. Well, let me jump into Wroclaw, Poland.

After choked Auschwitz Birkenau camp, we took train to a cute town, Wroclaw.

It was sunny day but had buried numerous saddest stories here, Auschwitz.
The end of this railway was to freedom; however, the opposite was to death.
Seeing so gorgeous weather after stepping out train station, we all felt energetic and could not wait to jump and run.

Wroclaw is famous for its lovely dwarfs, who you can come across at the next corners. People there were friendly and I made a friend at the first day, because he played skateboard and I borrowed it to have fun for a second. Then we ran into this skateboard boy again on the way to our destination. What a small world/ town!

Hunting dwarfs mission started; I caught the guitar version. So rock!
Walking with catching up, we got to the gate of Wroclaw famous market, Hala Targowa.

Yes, I am gonna introduce a delicate cafe located inside local market. Hala Targowa market also combines wet market with dry one, and it was separated into two floors. In 1st floor, people could buy different sorts of items from meats, cheese, fruits, vegetables to flowers. When going up to 2nd floor, vendors served with rice, ceramics, souvenir and so on. However, the main role, Herbaciarnia Targowa cafe, was situated in the 1st floor, no doubt.

We did not search any coffee restaurant there; the main purpose for this spot was to check how local people live and what residents eat in Poland. Out of blue, one of my friends said she wanna have afternoon tea after window shopping. But it seems just one shop selling cakes in this market so we walked in.

We could not read Polish but we were eager to try Poland cakes.
When people wandered in front of such appearance, no one could ensure the shop actually was for not only “to go” but also “for here”.

My friend ordered and then was welcomed to sit in; few minutes later she came out surprisingly to urge me come in as soon as possible. I could not imagine there was a prodigious area behind such humble counter.

Moreover, this counter was covered by thick and dark wooden boards so tourists visiting this market first time could not realize how great variety of coffee beans they own.

Thousands of glass bottles stored coffee beans instead of medicine herbs. Haha, in Taiwan traditional medicine doctors always put herbs in similar glasses.
There was a short corridor connecting the counter with inner room.
I stood at the stairs to attic and took picture of downstairs; it was the overlooking for whole space.

Seeing from the pictures above, I suspected that no other cafe in Asia could be ornamented like this way as living in Renaissance or Baroque Ages. People sipped the coffee was not just for its flavor but also for a feelings of soaking themselves in old times.

Everything was so elegant at their right places: classical sofa and lighting fixtures, vintage pictures on wall, and green leaves as decorations of fence.

Guess which table we were landing?
We sit at the innermost area (If seeing back to above picture, the location was middle right of the picture) ; how vague the selfie was!
Two private sofa zones could accommodate two groups of friends.
I did not know what background of the black-white pictures was on the wall, but we just finished the touring in Auschwitz so I could not help but think of horrible WWII.
The cover of menu

Sometimes I might wonder if there’s any chance for me to go back to those cafes which I gained superb memory or had unforgettable taste? Probably it is easy to touch down notable cities such as Tokyo, Paris, or Budapest (perhaps I can write one for New York Cafe in Budapest). However, I am not sure I will travel to Poland again, not to mention Wroclaw.

Faith makes everything possible in life.